Our Story

We are on a mission to make the world a healthier and more inclusive place through sports.

Motko's Story

Motko®, derived from Latin, stands for winning movement. This reflects our core belief that great things are achieved through moving – literally and physically. 

Motko® was born to elevate people's holistic health, while promoting inclusion. We believe the power of sports to be the best way to achieve that. Sports are a great way to maintain and elevate physical, mental and emotional health, and connect with others. When you are playing a sport, it does not matter what is your gender, background, age or race. It is all about enjoying the activity together.

Our founder Kira launched Motko® building on her career in finance and professional tennis. She saw problems in the corporate world pertaining to well-being, physical, mental, and emotional health, performance, as well as inclusion and diversity. And so the Motko® journey began!

Why Motko®?

From engaging content and exciting events to curated in-house music that will get you in the zone and make a workout feel like a bliss, we make healthy the new cool.

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