When Tech Comes Alive
In Your Building

Our property technology solution fosters a healthier tenant experience, a more inclusive community and increased social sustainability.

Make it more than an office.

How we work and how we think about a working environment has changed. The landlord and tenant relationship has become more complex. Tenants are looking for profound reasons to be in an office, reasons that stem beyond the physical existence of a space. 87% of employees rate collaborating with team members and building relationships as the top-needs for the office.


For You, Your Tenants, Our Environment

#Defaults in the air? Not with Motko®.

Want to decrease vacancy and turnover rates? Improve performance? Motko® sure does! We create a strong sense of community in the building and fun opportunities for tenants to engage and connect ( did we mention they elevate health levels on top? ).
Happy, healthy occupants = low vacancy

Healthy Us, Healthy Planet.

Be a leader in your community. Take part in creating a healthier and more inclusive economy. If we want to take care of our planet and ensure longevity of our environment, we need to take care of ourselves in a mindful way. Providing health and wellbeing resources in your building will not only make your tenants healthier, it will fuel them to take the right actions and drive social sustainability.

For a better and more sustainable future.

At this time, our property technology solution is tailored to office and mixed use real estate. Stay tuned for our residential solution.

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