Motko® is an impact - driven wellbeing and health technology company.
We work with corporations, governments and real estate stakeholders, delivering health and well-being solutions to people globally.

Licensed Works with WELL partner, Motko® creates opportunities for people to connect with each other through sports and well being. After all, who can be strangers after a game?

You are unique. So is your wellbeing.

Motko® was started to improve the wellbeing and health of others, while promoting inclusion. We believe the power of sports to be the best way to achieve that. Not only are sports a great way to maintain physical, mental and emotional health, it is a powerful venue to connect with other people. When you are playing a sport, it does not matter what is your gender, background, age or race. It is all about enjoying the activity together.


Whether you’re on or off the field, in a meeting or board room, engagement matters.

Motko® - Winning Movement.

Hybrid work environment and working-from-home has weakened corporate culture and social bonds that unite people in a company. With Motko people can connect and bond in a fun and genuine way whenever and wherever is best for them.

Our vision is to empower and unite people globally, and make their respective lives significantly healthier and happier.

Better Life with Motko®

We provide direct and curated support to employers tailored to the unique needs of the main asset of any organization – people.

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Sportify Business

Knowing is easy. Doing is hard. Unless you are a part of Motko®.

We partner with leading experts, doctors, renowned athletes, coaches and companies, whose values are aligned with ours, to provide our users with holistic support throughout their journey of wellbeing. When you join Motko®, you join a community. Motivation and determination are in our DNA. Whether you're an avid athlete or are starting your wellbeing journey, Motko® has your back.

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