Motko x Lazzari Art House and Simon Lean

October 3, 2023

(New York, 3 October 2023) – This fall Motko celebrates collaboration with Simon Lean and Lazzari Art House.

For our first artistic collaboration, Motko partnered with Lazzari Art House, led by Carla Lazzari, and British-Luxembourgish artist Simon Lean to create a piece that would echo with the core philosophy of the firm – great things are achieved when we move together. The painting titled One World, One Movement was inspired by tennis and the intensity the player carries milliseconds before hitting the ball, which, as the artist notes, is a captivating source of energy.

The painting features Motko’s core colors: blue, white and yellow. It is completed in multiple layers and textures, which enhances audience’s experience with the work.

Like Motko’s core belief about sport - its capacity to connect and unite people, and enhance, even transform, one’s life - Motko believes that art provides these opportunities and beyond. Bringing together the world of art and sport in this creation amplifies their link as a universal language uniting cultures and as a source of inspiration today and for the years to come.

Carla Lazzari and Kira Golenko

It’s your shot

“Art can be passion, investment, or therapy, or all the above. Simon had carte blanche for the creation. I am pleased to see a female tennis player embodied in it,” said Motko’s CEO Kira Golenko. “Working with Simon and Carla was a transformative experience for us and shaped our perception of our impact and strategy. When I look at this painting, it motivates me and broadens my perspective. How will the player hit the ball? What turn will the point take? The game, the match? So many options and opportunities. The work carries an incredible energy and serves as a reminder of how wildly capable we are – as women, as humans.”

Carla Lazzari added: “Watching a vision become a reality is a tremendous feeling. Simon did a fabulous job. We enjoyed this collaboration with Motko and were impressed by their commitment to make a positive impact in the world and their inspiring ideas for this art project.”

This or nothing

The initial sketch at artist’s studio

The painting we admire today is captivating, yet the path that led to its creation was challenging. “I almost gave up on this,” admits the artist Simon Lean. “I had this vision, the way I wanted to depict the energy, the movement. But it just wasn’t working, I lost track of how many sketches I threw out. In the end, there was one that I was OK with. I told Kira, look, I have something, which I hope works. Otherwise, I can’t do it.”

“I was nervous about the sketch, but Simon is very talented. We are our biggest opponents; I am sure the other sketches were great as well,” laughingly notes Kira. “This is reflective of life – sometimes it takes one to change it all. “

The work will be exhibited at Motko’s headquarter in New York.

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