Motko Introduces Motko Voyage - Hospitality Solution

June 24, 2024

(New York, 24 June 2024) – Motko is thrilled to announce the launch of Motko Voyage, software solution designed for the hospitality industry. From business hotels to remote retreats, Motko Voyage elevates the guests’ stay into a wellness experience, catering to the modern traveler’s expectations.

"We are excited to introduce Motko Voyage," said Kira Golenko, Founder and CEO of Motko. "Guests want a healthier travel experience now more than ever and pay a premium for it. Our mission is to empower hotels to offer a superior wellness experience, creating a healthier and more memorable stay for guests, while driving increased revenue, margins and guest loyalty for hotel owners and operators."

Meeting Market Demands

Motko Voyage is designed to meet the growing demand for health-focused travel experiences, making it an essential addition for any hotel looking to stay ahead in the competitive market. The wellness tourism market is growing at an annual rate of 12.4% with projections showing it will exceed $1 trillion in 2024, highlighting the lucrative potential for hotels that invest in wellness offerings. Wellness tourists on average spend 41% more than the typical tourists​.Meanwhile, wellness-focused hotels can command room rates up to 20% higher than traditional hotels and properties with robust wellness programs experience occupancy rates up to 15% higher. In addition, guests who engage in wellness activities during their stay report a 15-20% higher satisfaction rate compared to those who do not.

Elevating Guests’ Experience Through Wellness and Health

Motko Voyage amplifies hotel’s amenities and services, reflecting the unique identity of each property. Software’s core wellness features include:

  • Personalized Health Tips: Guests receive daily health and well-being advice to maintain balance and vitality throughout their stay.
  • Community Connections: The software enables guests to connect with others who share their wellness interests, fostering a sense of community and enhancing their stay.
  • Unlocking Amenities: Motko Voyage activates and amplifies hotel’s existing amentiies including fitness, spa services and special events, ensuring guests are informed about all wellness activities available at the hotel, so that they can plan and participate in events that interest them.
  • Wellness Bar Access: Easy access to an exclusive wellness bar offerings, featuring nutritious snacks and drinks, recovery products and performance equipment, supports guests’ health goals.

Motko invites hotel owners and operators to explore the potential of Motko Voyage to transform their guest experience and drive business success. Recognizing the unique attributes of each property, the solution can be further customized to seamlessly integrate with hotel's amenities and brand. To learn more, please contact

About Motko

Motko is an accredited health and well-being solutions provider for real estate assets. We help corporations, governments and real estate stakeholders create healthier, happier and better performing communities. Licensed Works with WELL partner, Motko® operates a wellness technology division and a real estate consulting division.

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