Motko CEO, Kira Golenko, Becomes First Latvian Female to Join AMCHAM Real Estate Committee

November 28, 2023

(Luxembourg, 28 November 2023) – Motko, an impact-driven wellbeing and health technology company, is pleased to announce that Kira Golenko, its CEO, has become the first Latvian female to join the American Chamber of Commerce ( AMCHAM) Real Estate Committee. This appointment showcases Golenko's dedication to driving positive change in the real estate sector and promoting gender equality.

The AMCHAM Real Estate Committee operates as a pivotal force within Luxembourg's dynamic real estate landscape, actively shaping the environment to encourage investments and facilitate the settling of international companies. Chaired by Mario Di Stefano and composed of experienced experts in the real estate sector, the committee’s mission extends beyond addressing accommodation challenges to actively liaising with the government and
key stakeholders. Through collaborative efforts, the committee endeavors to shape a real estate framework and promote a thriving, sustainable, and investment-friendly environment.

Paul Michel Schonenberg, Chairman and CEO of AMCHAM, shared his thoughts on the appointment: "We are delighted to have Kira as a new member of the AMCHAM Real Estate committee! We are looking forward to her contributions and, most especially, to her energy and fresh perspectives! At AMCHAM we think the best solutions come from blended teams, which are broadly diversity based to ensure gender diversity and also embrace the rest of the diversity spectrum including different ages, different cultures, different languages, different personality types and different life experiences! Diversity makes conversations and problem solving more rich, inclusive and interesting and the resultant decisions less likely to fail because something was accidentally overlooked, misunderstood or underappreciated."

"I am honored to join the AMCHAM Real Estate Committee," said Kira Golenko. "At Motko, we believe in the transformative power of creating spaces that prioritize physical, as well as mental health, wellbeing, and inclusion. Joining this committee aligns seamlessly with our mission to contribute to positive changes in the real estate landscape, particularly properties where communities of people gather, either to work or live. Gender equality is about bringing diverse perspectives to the table, fostering innovation, and building spaces that truly resonate with the needs of our communities. Motko is excited to contribute to the committee's goals and work towards a more inclusive and sustainable real estate environment."

About Motko

Motko is an impact-driven health and wellbeing technology company on a mission to make the world a healthier and more inclusive place. Licensed Works with WELL partner, Motko works with corporations and real estate stakeholders, delivering engaging health and wellbeing resources to people globally. To learn more about Motko, please contact and visit