Female Empowerment Through Sport Returns, Celebrating Well-being, Community and Empowerment

September 14, 2023

(New York, 14 September 2023) – Following the resounding success of the inaugural "Female Empowerment Through Sport" event held in May, Motko hosted the anticipated return of this transformative gathering in September. Building on the partnership with 100 Women in Finance (100WF) and SoulCycle, this event continued its mission of empowering women through the promotion of physical movement, community, and their profound impact on female health, well-being, and happiness, in time to smooth back into work and well-being routine after summer.

The event kicked off with a spin class followed by a reception

The inaugural event, hosted by Motko in collaboration with 100 Women in Finance and SoulCycle, drew a full house of enthusiastic 100WF attendees. It was a celebration of the connection between physical activity, a sense of community, and their profound influence on female health, empowerment, and longevity, particularly during these uncertain times.

100 Women in Finance is the world’s leading non-profit organization for professionals who work in the alternative investment and broader finance industry. The organization aims to strengthen women's presence in the finance field by supporting women at each career stage to achieve their career goals. With over 25,000 members globally, members represent leading financial institutions: JPMorgan Chase & Co., Morgan Stanley, Blackstone, Macquarie Group, Apollo and many others.

In an era marked by uncertainty, the importance of community cannot be overstated. Social relationships have been identified as the main determinant of longevity and happiness. The "Female Empowerment Through Sport" event provides an invaluable opportunity for women to come together, forge new connections, and strengthen existing bonds in the spirit of unity and empowerment.

Women who engage in regular sports activities have been found to be 50% more likely to report good mental health and well-being compared to those who do not. Additionally, studies have shown that women who participate in sports are more likely to have increased confidence and leadership skills, further highlighting the positive impact of sports on women's lives.

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“It is a privilege to be partnering with 100 Women in Finance and promoting female health together,” said Kira Golenko, founder & CEO of Motko. “Ensuring that health resources are accessible to women are essential steps toward the well-being and empowerment of women. Not only does regular exercising support physical, mental and emotional health, it helps to build confidence and develop meaningful relationships. We look forward to continuing our partnership and elevating well-being resources available to women globally.”

Aliah Molczan, who was coincidentally celebrating her birthday during the event, shared her perspective: " Marking my birthday at the 'Female Empowerment Through Sport' event was fun! Working out and fitness events are not only about physical health; they're a great way to form a connection with new friends and find collaboration and support. Through shared experiences, you can get to know somebody and build meaningful relationships. Who does not want that?”

“Embracing health and wellness goes beyond physical fitness; it especially thrives in a robust support system,” said Charina Amunategui, executive director of MUFG Investor Services. “We acknowledge the transformative power of networking in shaping the future of women in finance. Through collaboration, we cultivate the confidence to achieve extraordinary heights, knowing that together, we can accomplish and empower beyond measure."

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“On behalf of 100 Women in Finance, we are proud to have hosted this event with Motko and their partners. I believe it is incredibly important to be a part of a community that supports your goals personally and professionally,” added Vanessa Yuan, Director of Investor Relations & Senior Investment Consultant at Stansberry Asset Management. “This event brought together a group of women from our organization to encourage and foster just that. Every woman, including myself, left that evening feeling empowered and energized, and had a sense of community from everyone surrounding them. I hope to continue the growth of this community and network we have started of likeminded women into the end of the year and on to 2024!”

Motko extends its gratitude to SoulCycle led by Evelyn Webster and the unwavering support of 100WF committee members Vanessa Yuan and Charina Amunategui. Special thank you to our generous gift sponsors Elixir Cosmeceuticals for the grand finale skincare surprises and to waterdrop for keeping attendees hydrated and energized, and equipped with stylish and sustainable water bottles.

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SoulCycle is a fitness company owned by Equinox Group which offers indoor cycling and spinning workout classes. It was founded in 2006 by a trio female founders and has operations in the U.S., Canada, and the United Kingdom. To learn more, visit https://www.soul-cycle.com