Celebration of sustainability and well-being in real estate at Regional Summit

October 9, 2023

(London, 9 October 2023) – Motko joined the WELL Regional Summit in London hosted at HSBC’s headquarter. The summit featured leaders, who are committed to delivering health and well-being strategies at the enterprise scale and operationalising best practices for organisational performance.

In an era marked by heightened need for sustainable solutions, the real estate industry is rapidly evolving to embrace a crucial mission: creating sustainable and responsible built environment. Sustainability in real estate is more than a trend - it's a transformative movement. The built environment shapes our lives, influences our health, and plays a pivotal role in creating vibrant, resilient, and thriving communities. The event emphasized that achieving meaningful change requires a joint effort from real estate stakeholders, including developers, regulatory bodies, financial institutions, architects and technological solutions.

“The WELL Regional Summit in London provided for some fantastic collaboration opportunities with partners like Motko, showcasing the importance of our community in promoting people-first places and organizations," said Ann-Marie Aguilar, Senior Vice President IWBI EMEA.

Clean air, natural light, high water quality, enhanced public spaces, and opportunities for physical activity are all crucial components of a thriving building and community. The summit provided valuable insights into the regulatory landscape, including reporting requirements, with a particular emphasis on environmental sustainability and reduction of carbon emissions.

The view from the conference space at HSBC HQ

Distuingshed speakers from leading corporations and real estate firms, such as, Tishman Speyer, EDGE and HSBC, shared their expertise and outlook on sustainability practices. Motko’s CEO Kira Golenko was amongst the panelists and discussed Motko’s approach to enhancing the well-being of tenants and WELL journey: “Real estate players are facing numerous challenges, and the high interest rate environment is one of them. While investing in well-being and health initiatives may not seem a priority at the first sight, but it should be, and not solely due to regulatory considerations. It is a path to a healthier tomorrow, and increased ROI for the assets. Don’t we all want to be in an environment that makes us feel good? “

“The time to build and to do better is now. We look forward to continuing developing meaningful partnerships and addressing the global challenges together. Each one of us has the power to make a difference, whether we are real estate consumers or builders.”

The event culminated with a tour of HSBC's art collection.

About Motko

Motko is an impact-driven health and wellbeing technology company on a mission to make the world a healthier and more inclusive place. Licensed Works with WELL partner, Motko works with corporations and real estate stakeholders, delivering engaging health and wellbeing resources to people globally. To learn more about Motko, please contact motko@motko.co and visit www.motko.co.