52nd World Congress and Tennis Championship of the World Medical Tennis Society

July 29, 2023

(New York, 29 July 2023) – Doctors from all over the world gathered in Latvia for the 52nd Congress and World Championship of the World Medical Tennis Society. The event, supported by Jurmala City Council, took place at the National Lielupe Tennis Center in Jurmala on 22-28th of July. No rain could hold back the players and the electric energy of the gathering.

Born out of a tennis competition that ensued during an international scientific meeting in Monte Carlo in 1971, World Medical Tennis Society is a global organization for tennis-playing medical doctors. It was founded in the footprints of the AMTA, American Medical Tennis Association. Jimmy Evert was the Tournament Director for the inaugural meeting held in Florida in 1967. The format of scientific meetings and a tennis tournament remains up to this day. Physical fitness through tennis, great camaraderie amongst players and scientific sessions are key pillars of the organisation.

“Not only is tennis a sport, which fosters stronger heart, improved metabolism, immune function, neurogenesis and disease prevention, it is social,” said Kira Golenko, founder & CEO of Motko. “It is a great venue to meet people – regardless of your age, gender, or background. The love of the game truly unites people all over the world. For all you know, once a rival may turn out to be a lifelong friend. And, as we learn from research, social relationships play a key role in one’s longevity.”

Katrina Rutka and Kira Golenko

With over 260 players from 18 countries – Japan, Latvia, theU.S., Poland, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden, India, Italy,Germany and others – Lielupe’s courts hosted diverse players at all ages and levels. Amongst the 260 participants, there were around 30 female players.

“Tennis is a sport that I played briefly in childhood, but came back to during medical school, and it has been both a savior and also a great challenge,” says Katrina Rutka, Anesthesiologist, Intensivist at Pauls Stradins Clinical University Hospital and a member of Latvijas Ārstu tenisasavienība. “I fell back into the game, and it made me want to better myself both physically and mentally to be able to play better and compete on a higher level.”

Congratulations to the winners on great performance and to the organisers and all the supporters for an electric event. Special acknowledgment for Egils Valeinis, head of neurosurgery department at the Pauls Stradins Clinical University Hospital in Riga and the President of theLatvian Medical Tennis Society, who made this event come to life.

The 53rd WMTS Congress and Championships will take place in Budapest, Hungary on July 27-August 2, 2024.

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