3rd Edition of Female Empowerment Through Sport

April 11, 2023

(New York, 11 April 2024) – In partnership with 100 Women in Finance (100WF) and SoulCycle, Motko hosted the third edition of Female Empowerment Through Sport. The event aimed to continue raising awareness around female health, and fostering well-being and community. With a full house of 100 Women in Finance members and Motko’s special guests, the gathering featured an electrifying spin class followed by a social reception.

100 Women in Finance is the world’s leading non-profit organization for professionals who work in the alternative investment and broader finance industry. The organization aims to strengthen women's presence in the finance field by supporting women at each career stage to achieve their career goals. With over 25,000 members globally, members represent leading financial institutions: Invesco, Morgan Stanley, Blackstone, Macquarie Group, Apollo and many others.

“Tonight we are thrilled to partner with SoulCycle and 100 Women in Finance on a very important mission - empowering women: through sports, well-being and community,” said Kira Golenko, founder & CEO of Motko, in her opening remarks. “Why sports? For one, studies show that sports and regular physical activity are an effective way to prevent deadly diseases, such as, cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular diseases are the number one cause of female deaths globally, more than all cancers combined. We hope there will be more events like tonight that increase awareness around female health and provide opportunities and frameworks to elevate it. Thank you all for coming tonight, for all the great energy and let’s get the party started!”

Through its work with companies and real estate stakeholders, Motko is raising awareness around female health and shares knowledge on tools and frameworks that help to create a more inclusive and conducive environment. Earlier this year, the firm launched a dedicated real estate consulting divisions, that helps owners and landlords transform the office and residential spaces for better health outcomes, while maximising the monetary value of the underlying properties. This includes creating healthier spaces that are more aligned with female tenants and residents. Small things, such as, providing flexibility for furniture height or fitness activities, can make a big impact on well-being, as well as productivity.

“Connection through sport really helps facilitate camaraderie and teamwork in unique ways,” said Aliah Molczan. “This connection transcends the court and strengthens bonds in personal and professional relationships, which is instrumental in building lasting communities.”  

Vanessa Yuan, senior female leader in finance, added: "I am absolutely thrilled to have co-hosted, as a senior member of 100 Women in Finance, the 3rd Edition of ‘Female Empowerment Through Sports’ in partnership with Motko! Each time we come together for this event, more and more women have the incredible opportunity to gather in a safe space, ignite their inner energy, and connect with other like-minded women. It's all about empowerment, energy, and expanding our network of inspiring individuals. Let's continue to encourage each other to be the best versions of ourselves!"  

Motko extends its gratitude to SoulCycle led by Evelyn Webster and the unwavering support of 100WF committee members Vanessa Yuan and Aliah Molczan.

About Motko

Motko is an accredited health and well-being solutions provider for office and residential assets. We help corporations, governments and real estate stakeholders create healthier, happier and better performing communities. Licensed Works with WELL partner, Motko® operates a wellness technology division and a real estate consulting division. To learn more about Motko, please contact motko@motko.co and visit www.motko.co.

About SoulCycle

SoulCycle is a fitness company owned by Equinox Group which offers indoor cycling and spinning workout classes. It was founded in 2006 by a trio female founders and has operations in the U.S., Canada, and the United Kingdom. To learn more, visit https://www.soul-cycle.com