Great Things Happen
When We Move Together
Our sports-based community platform for corporations elevates employee’s engagement, health levels and retention.

People are a company’s main asset

Your employees need resources to fuel their best performance. An effective health and wellbeing program will:

  • Build a healthier and happier workforce,
  • Lower healthcare costs, absence and turnover,
  • Increase presenteeism and inclusion,

driving performance of the organization 🚀.

ROI on a comprehensive, well-run wellness program can reach 6 to 1. You're right-a gym membership does not qualify for a comprehensive wellness program 😉

Community and Engagement

We create diverse, exciting and engaging content that people love and are curious to try. There is something for everyone!

Do you develop and implement your wellbeing strategy in-house?
Do you have amazing on-site resources: gym, GP, physio, therapist and even a chocolate fountain?

Fantastic! We will elevate your efforts to a new high and maximise your ROI. Data shows that even the most advanced and diverse in-house wellbeing strategy does not overcome Trust Challenge*.
That is, did not overcome before Motko® arrived.
We help to build a safe environment, making sure that employees feel and are heard and seen, and are empowered to take care of their health. Not only will our framework maximise results of your wellbeing strategy, it will prevent major challenges - burnout, depression, anxiety, imposter syndrome, presenteeism and more - from happening in the first place.
That is over $21,172 per employee saved annually. And we are just getting started.

* Trust Challenge: “ What if my employer finds out that I saw a therapist? What if this will be a factor in passing on my promotion? This is especially relevant for female employees, as broken rung remains a key challenge in the workplace. Check out the latest report by McKinsey.

How Motko® Works

When you join Motko®, we launch a dedicated, personalisable Motko® space for your organisation. You will have access to two portals dedicated for employees and administrators.

Platform Portals

Employee Portal

From learning a healthy recipe and finding best-fit sneakers to discovering your new favorite workout and meeting a like-minded sports aficionado, Motko's got you covered. The best part? A dedicated Motko Team is within a message reach for any tips or assistance.

Administrator Portal

In addition to the resources available in employee portal, administrator users have access to activation and utilization analytics. Company-specific goals are identified and measured. Motko’s platform helps to evaluate the overall wellbeing and ROI of the wellbeing program. Additional toolkits and services are available upon demand.

How do you empower and fuel your employees?

A 12-week program? Your health and wellbeing journey should not have an expiration date. Motko® framework and resources are designed to assist employees in improving quality of life and developing sustainable self-care habits, which become a lifestyle. There is always space for improvement!

Wondering how we can help YOUR company?

Our B2B clients range from small, a few-people companies to large organizations. We will provide tailored wellbeing and health resources for your organization and support along the way.


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